Here you will find meet results for any meets we can find results for (some are not available, but we will do our best to find them!)  Most recent results will be FIRST. 

REGIONALS 2017 (Finals results first; prelim-only swims in italics)  
File of results click>> ResultsRegionals 2017
200 medley relay
Girls – 3rd (Pages, J /Carevic/Womack/Ream)
Boys – 14th (Scroggins/Ma/Duke/Veitch)
200 freeGirls – 1th Myers; 14th Burns
Boys 13th Duke; 14th Stout
200 IM
Girls -9th Carevic; 12th Immel; 14th Dickerson
Boys – 2nd Vaughn J; 16th Feldman
50 free
Girls – 3rd Ream;
Boys – 18th Sahin; 19th Scroggins; 22nd Pan
100 fly
Girls – 5th Ream; 6th Womack; 16th Immel
Boys – 3rd Vaughn J; 19th Duke
100 free
Girls -8th Wallaert; 10th Myers
Boys – 17th Stout; 19th Sahin; 21st Barker
500 free
Girls – 17th Malik
Boys – 13th Duke; 14th Stout
200 free relay
Girls – 6th (Pages G/Pages J/Myers/Wallaert)
Boys – 9th (Veitch/Feldman/Stout/Vaughn J)
100 back
Girls -3rd Womack; 6th Pages J; 12th Wallaert; 14th Burns
Boys – 14th Scroggins; 21st Vaughn R
100 breast
Girls – 9th Carevic; 10th Carroll; 13th Pages G
Boys – 16th Ma
400 free relay
Girls –  4th (Womack/Pages J/ Carevic/Ream)
Boys – 7th (Feldman/Veitch/Stout/VaughnJ)

Moving on to State: 200 medley relay(Pages, J /Carevic/Womack/Ream); 200 IM Vaughn J; 50 free Ream; 100 fly Ream; 100 fly Vaughn J; 100 back Womack; 400 free relay  (Womack/Pages J/ Carevic/Ream)

2016-17 District Results – Swim & Dive
District Champions: (1st place)
200 medley relay (Juliette Pages; Sloan Carevic; Natalie Womack; Emma Ream)
200 free  – Sydney Meyers
200 IM – Sloan Carevic
200 IM – James Vaughn
50  free – Emma Ream
100 back – Natalie Womack
100 breaststroke – Sloan Carevic
400 free relay (Juliette Pages; Sloan Carevic; Natalie Womack; Emma Ream)
District Runner Ups (2nd place)
200 Medley relay (Richard Vaughn; Samuel Ma; Brady Duke; Efe Sahin)
100 fly – Natalie Womack
100 fly – James Vaughn
200 free relay – (Genevieve Pages; Sarah Wallaert; Sydney Myers: Monica Malik)
200 free relay – (Sam Veitch; Jakob Feldman; Grant Stout; James Vaughn)
500 free – Jakob Feldman
400 free relay   – (Sam Veitch; Jakob Feldman; Grant Stout; James Vaughn)
Moving on to Regionals: (1st-6th places in all events)
Barker; Burns; Carevic; Carroll, J; Dickerson; Duke; Feldman; Immel; Ma; Malik; Myers; Pages, J; Pages G; Pan; Ream; Sahin; Scroggins; Stout; Womack; Vaughn, J; Vaughn, R; Veitch; Wallaert; and divers Sullivan and Johnson

Girls Coach of the Year – Matt Franks (2nd time in a row!
Girls High Point of the District – Emma Ream
Team Rankings – Lovejoy Girls – District Champion (3x in a row)
Lovejoy Boys District Runner up

5A TISCA: Overall – Girls Team 5th; Boys Team 19th
200 medley relay – PagesJ/Womack/Carevic/Ream – 2nd place
200 free – Sydney Myers – 15th
100 IM – James Vaughn – 2nd
100 fly – Emma Ream – 9th *new school record;  James Vaughn – 4th
200 free relay – Ream/Womack/Carevic/PagesJ – 1st
100 back – Natalie Womack – 3rd
100 breaststroke – Sloan Carevic – 5th
400 free relay–Ream/Womack/Carevic/PagesJ – 4th; Veitch/Feldman/Stout/Vaughn – 10th

200 medley relay –  PagesJ/Womack/Carevic/Ream-20th
50 free – Emma Ream-11th
100 fly – James Vaughn -17th
400 free relay–Ream/Womack/Carevic/PagesJ – 21st

Lovejoy vs. Frisco HS

200 medley relay
Girls – 1st PagesJ/Carevic/Womack/Ream, 3rd Wallaert/PagesG/Immel/Dickerson, 7th Buttner/CarrollK/CarrollJ/Wilburn
Boys – 4th Marion/Ma/Veitch/Barker, 5th Trythall/Yundt-Pacheo/Jobes/VaughnR
200 free
Girls -3rd Alex Burns, 5th, Monica Malik, 6th Courtney Rockenbach, 8th Kelsey Carroll
Boys – 2nd Grant Stout, 5th Sam Veitch, 7th Carlo Yundt-Pacheo, 8th Alec Trythall
200 IM
Girls- 2nd Natalie Womack, 4th Sloan Carevic, 5th Genevieve Pages
Boys – 2nd Jakob Feldman, 5th Samuel Ma, 6th Richard Vaughn, 7th Lucas Scroggins
50 free
Girls – 1st Emma Ream, 5th Mary Festa, 7th Jackie Carroll, 8th Zoe Dickerson, 9th Kaeli Wilburn
Boys – 4th Logan Barker, 5th Ryan Pan, 7th Hassaan Shaikh
100 fly
Girls – 1st Emma Ream, 2nd Natalie Womack, 5th Mallory Immel, 7th Brooke Buttner
Boys – 2nd James Vaughn, 6th Sam Veitch, 7th Brian Jobes
100 free
Girls -2nd Juliette Pages, 3rd Sarah Wallaert, 6th Alex Burns
Boys – 2nd Grant Stout, 5th Hassaan Shaikh, 6th Alec Trythall
500 free
Girls – 5th Monica Malik, 6th, Rebecca Rockenbach, 7th Mallory Immel, 8th Kelsey Carroll
Boys -1st James Vaughn, 6th Logan Barker, 7th Ryan Pan
200 free relay
Girls – 3rd -/PagesG/Burns/Malik, 5th Dickerson/CarrollK/RockenbachR/Immel
Boys – 3rd ScrogginsLuke/MarionCooper/Stout/VaughnJ. 4th Pan/Yundt-Pacheo/Feldman/Barker
100 back
Girls – 1st Juliette Pages, 4th Sarah Wallaert, 7th Mary Festa, 8th Kaeli WIlburn
Boys – 2nd Luke Scroggins
100 breast
Girls – 1st Sloan Carevic, 2nd Zoe Dickerson, 3rd Genevieve Pages, 5th Jackie Carroll
Boys – 3rd Jakob Feldman, 4th Samuel Ma,6th Richard Vaughn, 7th Carlo Yundt-Pacheo, 8th Zach Taylor
400 free relay
Girls – 2nd PagesJ/Carevic/Womack/Ream
Boys – 2nd Veitch/Feldman/Stout/Vaughn, 4th Scroggins/Pan/Ma/Vaughn
Lovejoy vs Wakeland vs Reedy

200 medley relay
Girls – 3rd Womack/Carevic/Ream/Myers, 6th Wallaert/Dickerson/Immel/PagesG
Boys – 3rd Marion/Ma/Duke/Stout, 5th Trythall/Bluestein/Jobes/Leirer
200 free
Girls – 6th Burns, 8th RockenbachR, 8th CarrollK, 12th Wilburn
Boys – 2nd Vaughn, 7th McCarthy, 8th Yundt-Pacheo
200 IM
Girls – 2nd Ream, 8th Pages, 9th Immel, 12th Carroll J
Boys – 5th Veitch, 6th Barker, 7th Trythall
50 free
Girls – 2nd Carevic, 5th Malik, 12th Christiansen
Boys – 1st Stout, 4th Sahin, 5th Marion, 8th Ma, 9th Shaikh, 10th Taylor
100 fly
Girls – 1st Ream, 5th Immel, 8th Buttner
Boys – 4th Veitch, 7th Duke, 8th Pan
100 free
Girls – 5th Wallaert, 6th Malik, 9th Dickerson, 15th Wilburn, Christiansen
Boys – 1st VaughnJ, 7th McCarthy, 11th Shaikh, 12th Rogers, 13th Bluestein, 14th Leirer
500 free
Girls – 4th Womack, 6th Myers, 8th CarrollJ
Boys – 2nd Feldman, 4th Stout, 6th VaughnR, 7th Yundt-Pacheo
200 free relay
Girls – 3rd Malik/Burns/PagesG/Carevic, 7th RockenbachR/Buttner/Wilburn/Christiansen
Boys – 2nd Sahin/Marion/Veitch/VaughnJ, 7th VaughnR/Yundt-Pacheo/Rogers/Shaikh
100 back
Girls – 3rd Womack, 9th Wallaert, 10th Burns, 12th Buttner
Boys – 7th Marion, 8th Pan, 9th Trythall, 10th Jobes, 11th Rogers
100 breast
Girls – 1st Carevic, 4th PagesG, 5th Dickerson, 9th CarrollK,
Boys – 2nd Feldman, 4th Ma, 8th Bluestein
400 free relay
Girls -2nd Myers/Wallaert/Womack/Ream, 6th Malik/Burns/CarrollJ/CarrollK
Boys – 1st Stout/Veitch/Feldman/VaughnJ