Lovejoy is in District 12, so we swim against:
Dallas Highland Park, Royse City, Celina, Paris, Paris North Lamar, Gunter, Pottsboro
(This is a new district for Lovejoy for the 2016-17 season!)

2016-17 Season: We are DISTRICT HOSTS!

What does this mean? Lovejoy will be hosting the meet, or running it.  We will be staffing all of the “jobs” in a meet, plus a few more, since awards are given out at the District meet.

Do we need help? YES! All parents should try to help in some way, if possible.  This is a really great time for “younger” swimmer parents to get involved – maybe your swimmer is only swimming one event, or a relay, at districts, so you will have a long time at the meet, and can take some of that time to learn the ropes!

But will I get to SEE MY SWIMMER??  Of course! Whatever your job, you will of course be able to see your swimmer/diver compete, but remember that the *best* view of the meet can be on the bulkhead as a timer! However, there are lots of jobs that we need help with that happen before the meet, or not on deck as a timer as well.

General meet info/history:
District meets are one day/one time, and the top 6 in each event for district move on to Regional.
*In 2014-15, the Lovejoy Girls swimming team won 1st in district, and Lovejoy Boys team won 2nd overall  in district.

*In 2015-16, Lojo Girls won 1st place in district 9, and then boys won 2nd place.  Coach Franks earned coach of the year, and Diver Sarah Krolnik won female diver of the year. This is an amazing showing, considering we don’t have our own pool (yet!)  Typically Lovejoy presents roses to seniors at the start of the District meet, as this is what we consider “senior night,” as it could potentially be the last swimming/diving a senior does on the Lovejoy team.

2017 District Women’s Champions and Men’s Runner Up!