Here is where you will find information specific to athletes who are seniors this year.  We will include forms as soon as possible here as well.

  1.  Senior night at districts: Seniors will be recognized prior to the district meet on Jan. 20.  Seniors will be presented with a small token and a group picture of the seniors will be taken. This picture will be used in the senior gift (See below)
  2. Banquet
    1. Senior Table: Senior table will have letterman jackets on display, gift, kick board, and picture board.
      1. picture board: a red (girls) or black(boys) board will be purchased for nominal fee (less than $5), and the letters of your seniors name will be “die cut” out and given to you to decorate with pictures and information about your senior – you can do whatever you like on the board!  Please finish board by the weekend prior to the banquet (March 24-26), so it can be picked up to be brought to the banquet ahead of time. Cost expected $5; (board, names, swimmer shadow cut out to decorate with)
      2. gift: we are going to attempt to do a full-color picture book (think “shutterfly” style) for each senior, in lieu of a blanket or towel.  We will represent all 4 years of HS swimming.  If you have a specific picture you would like to be included, please email a board member.  Pictures will be taken from the smugmug accounts from all 4 years.  Each senior will have a full page spread dedicated to them and their own photos. Parent are asked to complete a “letter” to the senior to be included in the book. Open instructions: Senior letter gift 17  Please submit to Shelee Duke or Shana Perry as soon as possible! Cost expected: less than $40 (possibly much less)
      3. kickboard: a kick board will be purchased and your senior’s name will be put on it, and it will be set out for the team to sign as a memento. Cost expected $5-8 (board)
      4. Letterman jacket: we would like to gather all jackets the day or so before the banquet, if possible! Cost – none
    2. Banquet Program   We will have a page for each senior in the program.  Please have your senior fill out the form provided by March 1 – instructions here: Senior questionairre for banquet prog 16.17
    3. Slide Show   Please submit 20-25 pictures to Alex Burns by March 1.  Pictures can be from baby until now! Please also include a music suggestion to go with your senior’s portion of the slide show!